Exploring Earth

Exploring Earth is a multi-channel ensemble and adventure series by Finnish photographers Konsta Punkka and Mikko Lagerstedt. It is a captivating, world-class visual entity that carries its viewers into a great adventure.
Exploring Earth — a visual adventure to the extreme corners of the earth! What does a rare Patagonian puma look like through the lens of nature photographer Konsta Punkka?


Exploring Earth is a short-form video series in which viewers could follow two of the most influential landscape and wildlife photographers to challenge themselves to capture the perfect image of the endangered species and desertification places.

Viewers could join them as they share their journeys through rugged terrain and unpredictable weather conditions to capture breathtaking images. In Exploring Earth we see Konsta’s first carnivore-photoshoot without the protection of photography hide. Huge pumas are not afraid of the cameramen as they sneak only a few meters away.


Mini-Tv-series with 5 episodes were shot remote locations of Patagonia and was commissioned and broadcasted by on Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE


Multiple channels, one big adventure!

Exploring earth took viewers on a photogenic adventure that took place on multiple channels at the same time. 

The series contained effective simultaneous storytelling with a combination of social media teasers which lead to the longer more detailed episodes of the adventure taking place on Yle Areena.


Hundreds of thousands shared the journey! Exploring Earth captured especially the younger audience across the channels and was widely appraised by fellow photographers and followers.

Instant reaction:
Approximately 300.000 views on Yle Areena
535.000 reactions (IG, FB) on with 6 episodes Tv-series is still aired by Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE


A short trailer