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“#lovemilla has true community feeling and is a high quality production created consistently with the target audience. Communication is seamlessly part of the tv-show. This implementation bravely utilizes existing social media services.”

– GrandOne 2014, Utilization of Social Media, Honorary Mention


#lovemilla is a youth series on the National Broadcasting Company of Finland (YLE). It’s first and second season were broadcasted on YLE TV2 channel and YLE Areena (online service) in Spring / Autumn 2013. The main character of the series is a 17 year old called Milla.

Other created #lovemilla online presence to Instagram and Facebook and made transmedia launch for the seasons 1. and 2. The goal was to launch and engage teenage girls in their own channels.

#lovemilla still is a phenomenon amongst teenage girls and has received several awards in different countries.


Milla is like a real friend to whom to follow.


Milla published her diary on Instagram which also reflected to real life events, including seasons (first snow, spring, calendar holidays). That made it more real and approachable.


Fans got a possibility to live and share Milla’s everyday life from Spring to Winter (when the TV show was aired). The main channel was Instagram where Milla shared her drawings and diary posts to her friends. The diary was a tool for constant dialogue. Milla was liked because she was a friend to her fans and shared her life and problems with the likeminded. She was like a real person, vulnerable and equal to other teenage girls.


  • Reach 300.000 (Facebook)
  • Engagement in Facebook over 30%
  • 14.000 Instagram-followers within 4 months
  • Engagemetn in Instaram 22%
  • About 2.100 likes to each Milla’s post (photo)
  • Over 2% click-through-rate in banner ads
Teenage girls' phenomenon
  • YLE