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#Kisahuuto was a community for the sport fans during the Sotchi Olympic Games.


Unite Finnish sport fans and bring cheers to the masses by publicly cheering Finnish athletes.


Other created a platform and a community for sport fans to share their emotions publicly. It was a place where Finnish sport fans could be part of a big group of like minded people and really motivate the Finnish authletes to the victory. Other launched #kisahuuto (cheer the team) as the main concept. The idea was simply to shout and cheer Finnish team to victory with the aid of the online community. The best video cheers (short video clips) were promoted and broadcasted. The activations were done in real time and were based on viewers’ reactions to sport performances at any given time.

The content was designed to be easily shared from a user to another and that way organically grow the community.


  • There were 8.000 people in the community during the 2 week period.
  • Out of them 30% were active by sharing their cheers on Youtube and the kisahuuto website and visiting the community during those weeks.


Phenomena for sport fans
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