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”This transmedia campaign was able to activate online discussion on different channels with a twinkle in the eye.”

Grand One 2015, Utilization of Social Media, Honorary Mention



Enbuske & Linnanahde Crew is a talk show on Finnish MTV3 channel. In Autumn 2014 #byroslavia harnessed the social media activists to revealed unnecessary rules and regulations. The goal was to overcome imaginary state of Byroslavia (Finland) which has become overly regulated. Byroslavia campaing activated the audience to change that.

Other designed and produced social media activation campaign around #byroslavia theme. #Byroslavia activated social media users and ELCrew audience on different channels.


”Report unnecessary rules or regulations with #byroslavia tag & we will deal with it”. ELCrew TV and radio shows used these denunciations in their daily radio and weekly TV-shows. They wanted to both show how irrational some of the regulations are but also what people could do to change the situation. Every week “The Byroslavism of the Week” was chosen. It was announced on Thursdays at the ELCrew talk show on MTV3 tv-channel and web.


#byroslavia and byroslavia.org brought up unnecessary rules and regulations on Twitter and Facebook. #byroslavia activated discussions around various regulations and prohibitations. The “Byroslavism of the week” and the top list of the most absurd regulations motivated people to discuss about the topics and share them in their networks.


  • Over 100.000 using #byroslavia
  • Over 30.000 visitors on byroslavia.org site within the 3 months
  • ELCrew talk show strenghtened #byroslavia phenomenon


#byroslavia became the most talked about phenomenon amongst Twitter users in Autumn 2014.

”I suggest the the word for year 2014 is #byroslavia #wordoftheyear2014 @yleuutiset.”

– Ilkka O. Lavas, Twitter

Transmedia phenomenon
  • MTV3
  • Date Completed - Autumn 2014
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