What is Other?

Other creates quality transmedia phenomena for large audiences, activates various target audiences and strengthens engagement to brands.

Other has over 30 years of experience in engaging audiences in digital environments locally and globally. Our clientele includes a broad range of global and local brands. Other is the most award-winning social media agency in Finland.

  • ”This transmedia campaign was able to activate online discussion on different channels with a twinkle in the eye.”

    Grand One 2015, Utilization of Social Media, Honorary Mention
  • “#lovemilla has true community feeling and is a high quality production created consistently with the target audience. Communication is seamlessly part of the tv-show. This implementation bravely utilizes existing social media services.”

    GrandOne 2014, Utilization of Social Media, Honorary Mention
  • ”The winner is an excellent example of a product of the 2010 where social media is a crucial part of the activity and consumer experience. The utilized channels were chosen by the audience which actively produced content throughout the production. This piece will truly forward the field of Finnish digital media. "

    Grand One 2014. Winner Best Utilization of Social Media

Let's make a phenomenon together!

  • Siltavuorenranta 16, 00170 Helsinki, Finland
  • +358 (0)400 701294
  • teemu@other.fi